Benefits of Having Motorized Skylights

There are many benefits to having motorized skylights. One of them is enjoying internally mounted rain sensors that close once rain is detected. These rain sensors can be installed to react to sound elements and even measure changes in temperature or pressure.

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Easily Adjustable

Motorized skylights are easily adjustable by means of remote controls. They can also open and close automatically in accordance with a preset schedule. The timers can be set and controlled with phone apps and are easy to operate. Moreover, motorized skylights can last up to ten years. Nevertheless, despite their longevity, batteries still have to be replaced periodically to keep the electric motors functioning as well as possible.

Multiple Power Sources

Electric skylights can even be connected to a solar panel that captures sun rays meant to charge the battery which powers the skylight’s control system and operator. At night, the system is operated with the use of the stored charge.

The flexible solar or battery-powered options are easy to control due to hand-sized remotes. Moreover, there are no dangling cords that can be deemed unsafe for those that are physically disabled or have small children in the house.

The typical motorized shades are featured with a USB cord, a lithium battery pack (AA batteries) and a rechargeable motor. The batteries have to be recharged every five months and replaced every three years. The replacement is made available through motorized blinds Denver specialists and home technology professionals.

Aesthetic Value

The cost of installing skylight blinds is up to 1500 dollars. However, their aesthetic design and functionality can significantly add to the décor of any home. Skylight blinds come in many appealing forms exhibiting beautiful patterns and eye-catching colors. Therefore, the end result can add significant value to the property.

Their elegant design is a popular choice among both young and older customers, which is why the default color –white –comes in many shades so as not to clash with either the modern or antique look of the house. In addition, customers can order samples from motorized blinds Denver companies before making any purchase. This way, they can choose the right design and color before they even buy anything.

Affordable Luxury

As an affordable luxury, skylights infuse natural light into the living space. They can also have improved insulation and an operational boost. Most of them even feature filtered-light privacy and can block glare on command.

Finally, skylight blinds are ideal for hard-to-reach windows. They are not heavy and come with measuring guides for installation. However, expert installation is preferred to amateur do-it-yourself kits.


To sum up, additional sensors can be installed to react to sound elements and changes in weather. The longevity of batteries is doubled by the connection to a solar panel meant to capture sun rays and convert them into a power source. Home technology professionals can drive up the cost of installing skylight blinds, but long-term results can be very satisfying.

All in all, their enhanced accessibility, low maintenance, sunlight protection and multiple power sources render skylights impressively useful. In addition, their flexible fabric styles and innovation in home design make the investment truly worthwhile.