What Time of the Year Is the Best to Undertake a Roof Replacement?

Anyone wanting to replace their roof has to be able to choose the right time for it. While the end of the year might be great if you get a bonus from your workplace, it’s not always great for the roofing materials your roofers might work with. In fact, it could be a real nightmare when some materials freeze entirely and the roofing cement can’t even achieve the right level of consistency to be used at all.

Fortunately, things aren’t always so grim. Aurora roof repair specialists tell us that as long as you know what to look forward to, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what time of the year you can consider getting your roof replaced.

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What Factors You Need to Take Into Account

Cold and concrete don’t mix, and metal roofs are also very challenging to install in cold weather due to most metals’ tendency to contract. Also, you have to keep mind that the snow or cold, unexpected rain showers can really mess with your roofers’ work.

So let’s take a closer look at what you might need to consider on an overall basis:

  1. What is the climate like where your home is located? Is it warmer or hotter? When (if at all) does the freeze set in? Depending on your answers, you can typically choose to have your roof replaced earlier in the spring or later in the autumn than in most northern areas. If you live in the South, you can even think of getting everything done in late October or early November, so long as the weather forecast will allow it.
  2. Do you need to install a roof that has a complex setup process and requires materials that would normally need stable temperature and humidity conditions? If that’s the case, then you might want to consider early autumn or late spring as your preferred time for a roof replacement? Any other time could be fraught with problems, from sudden temperature drops in the late autumn to rain, hail and increased humidity in the summer. Always go for the safer choice if you can.
  3. Living in an area with a temperate and overall stable continental climate might enable you to get your roof installed in the later months of autumn or even in early December. This is a strategy many homeowners adopt when trying to save money, since most roofers will not have a lot of work in that period, and they could be persuaded to help you out with a discount or two. However, you have to be very careful as there is a measure of risk involved when temperatures threaten to drop below a certain level.

Always Discuss the Matter with Your Roofer

If you hire an experienced Aurora roofing contractor, you will be able to discuss everything with them and make the best decision. Always hire a local roofer, since they can advise you accurately on what time of the year is best depending on the local climate.

The most important thing is to communicate and ask questions. Inquire about the material you want for your roof, and ask if there could be a better time for starting the project. Sometimes, even though the time is right, you might find that your roofing contractor will recommend that you wait a month or two instead of rushing in, so that the chance of a perfect installation process can be as high as possible.