How to Avoid Expensive Furnace Repair

Avoid Expensive Furnace Repair

The climate, the age, the amount of usage can all take a heavy toll on your furnace and the break downs are usually not only very expensive to fix, but they also come when you need your furnace the most. Fortunately, there are many easy maintenance operations, even smaller repairs that homeowners can safely accomplish on their own – here are some tips to avoid costly, unexpected and uncomfortable furnace faults.

Schedule a Professional Inspection

Hiring a professional to inspect and clean your furnace in spring and in fall is the best way to get the peace of mind that your furnace will serve you well the year around. Furnace inspection services are quite affordable and quick – your technician will clean the system, he will inspect all its components to find any issue that needs to be addressed and will discuss the next steps with you.

Regular Filter Changes

Furnaces use multiple filters to ensure proper operation as well as the quality of the air in your rooms. Some filters are disposable and need to be replaced, others are cleanable – you will find all the information that you need in the user manual that your furnace comes with.

Maintain the Outdoor Unit and the Area Around It

If you use a complex HVAC system for heating as well as for cooling, your appliance probably uses components located indoor as well as outdoor. While most owners are aware of the importance of maintaining the indoor units, they neglect the outdoor component of their appliance – a mistake that can lead to costly breakdowns. To prevent such damage, make sure that the outdoor unit as well as the area around the unit are kept free of debris and dirt. Trim the vegetation around the unit to prevent dry leaves, twigs and other such debris from interfering with airflow and also make sure that the ground under and around the outdoor unit is level.

Pay Attention to Any Dripping

The process of air heating and cooling involves condensation and any furnace uses condensate lines to ensure the efficiency of the process by collecting moisture. Any clogging that develops inside the lines can cause severe damage to the equipment, so make sure to check the lines regularly and remove any clogging that you find.

Don’t Neglect Warning Signs

Neglecting the clues provided by your furnace can prove to be a costly mistake – if you notice any of the following signs, call a furnace technician as soon as you can, even if your furnace is still working:

  • The furnace cycles constantly – the fault is probably caused by a damaged thermostat;
  • Heat is not distributed evenly throughout your home – if some of your rooms are no longer heated as efficiently as they used to, you need a professional to look at your unit;
  • Unusual sounds – crackling and rattling coming from your furnace also indicates that something wrong with your unit and the issue needs to be checked out by a professional;
  • Unusual smells – if your furnace starts emanating a foul, burning smell, you should be alarmed and call a furnace repair Denver expert without delay.