What Are the Benefits to Pruning and Thinning Ponderosa Pines on My Colorado Property?

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Pinus ponderosa, also known as ponderosa pine, is a very large-growing pine variety, native in the mountains located in the western regions of North America. The tall evergreen has yellow or orange bark that covers the trunk in the form of large plates with black crevices. Fully-developed ponderosa pine trees can reach the height of 72 m and 820 cm in circumference, making them one of the largest pine varieties.

While these pine trees are mostly found living wild, they are also cultivated in parks and in large gardens, as ornamental plants. If your Colorado garden is also home to one or several ponderosa pine trees, it is a good idea to hire fire mitigation companies to prune and thin them regularly – here are the benefits of taking the time to perform the tedious task or of hiring professionals to handle the task for you.

Disease Prevention

Regular inspections and pruning is the best method to catch any tree disease in time, stopping any fungal infection or other infestation before it spreads.

Aesthetic Appeal

Regularly pruned trees are not only healthier – they are also denser and they provide a more pleasing sight than unpruned, neglected trees. Even a small amount of pruning, performed at the right time, when the tree is dormant, in spring, or when it is semi-dormant, in mid-summer, will result in a bushier, more harmoniously shaped plant. You can also use the pruning to control the height of the tree, though the process might be difficult and might require you to use special safety gear when the tree is already tall.

Fire Prevention

Pine trees as well as the needles that they shed are very flammable, even the smallest ember can ignite them and can cause large flames to appear. To prevent that, make sure that the area under and around the canopy is always free from pine needles, twigs and other flammable debris. When pruning, pay special attention to the lowermost branches and cut off anything that seems dried or diseased. When the pruning is complete, make sure that you remove you generated during the process to prevent fire risks.

How to Do It Right

Before you start pruning and thinning your ponderosa pine, perform a little research to find out exactly how to do it right. If you consider the task to be too complicated or if you do not feel comfortable carrying out the task yourself, hire professionals for the job – there are many experienced, knowledgeable tree companies in Colorado, with some of them located in your area. Here is how a tree maintenance service will handle the project:

  • Initial inspection – your tree specialist will inspect your tree and the area around it and will determine which major branches need to go;
  • The thinning and the pruning – your specialist will implement the necessary safety measures and will perform the thinning and pruning;
  • Waste removal – in the final phase of the project, your specialist will collect the branches, twigs and needles that have fallen to the ground during the trimming and will remove the debris from your property.