Underground Cable Locators and the Benefits of Hiring Professionals to Use Them

Underground cable locators are essential tools for any project that involves digging and excavation – whether it is a construction project that requires the buried utility lines and wires marked or it is a project that involves the laying of new utility lines and cables, the locator tools are very important to make the construction or the installation safe.


Locators can identify used and unused utilities and cables, too, the identification of both types being equally important (unused lines pose little risk of accidents, but they may be in conflict with your project, so you need to know about them, too). However, you need more than the device itself to be able to locate the buried lines accurately, that’s why the machines are best used by experienced technicians – here is why it is a good idea to hire a cable locator company for your project.


Cost Efficiency


Underground cable locators are expensive, state of the art devices that use advanced technologies such as radars to locate buried cables. If you are a property owner just about to start the construction of your new home, a company owner planning to extend your business by building a new facility or you are a homeowner looking for a way to extend your pool or your sprinkling system, you will probably need the locator device only for the project you are involved in now, so there is no need to invest a fortune into a locator.


Utility locating Los Angeles companies already have the tools and devices to identify and correctly mark buried utilities, what’s more, they also have the professional knowledge and the experience to read and interpret the results returned by their locator devices. They also practice very affordable fees, so you don’t need to worry that you will exceed your budget right at the beginning.


Identifying All Sorts of Utility Lines and Cables


Some devices are used to locate only cables, others are good for pipes and lines made from certain materials and some devices can be used to identify the location of a variety of buried objects. Metal pipes can be detected with a certain type of device, while sewer lines, water pipes require a different technology and so do electric lines, communication cables and concrete pipes. Professional utility locator companies use a variety of devices to provide accurate results and to guarantee the safety of your construction or extension endeavors.


Providing a Written Documentation


Professional utility locator companies provide a written document at the end of the location project. The results can be exported into various formats and used later on in charts or project evaluation files, what’s more, some locator devices are able to provide 3D images of their findings and they can create a detailed, color coded map your property to show all the hidden pipes and cables.


When used by trained professionals, cable and utility locator devices can prevent accidents, costly mistakes, even law suits. Make sure you hire a company that provides professional location services – the location project does not take long, it does not cost very much, but it is extremely valuable and useful for the safety of your project.