The Latest Roof Styles for the Homes that have a Modern Architecture     

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In the urban environment, modern houses are characterized by an architecture that highlights the elements related to modern functionalities, without neglecting the aesthetics. A flat roof efficiently addresses both aspects, so that, in addition to the special qualities related to thermal and sound insulation, it can be arranged as an elegant terrace for leisure, or even as a green area. Moreover, if the family expands and you need additional living space, this type of roof can practically meet your new needs, allowing you to add a new floor or a spacious attic to complete the house, which is functional and also offers a new aesthetic dimension. Ultimately, if the area where the house is located offers favorable climatic conditions for the production of renewable energy, the flat roof will also allow the installation of solar panels.

According to some of the most trusted roofing contractors Houston hosts,  flat roof houses nowadays are not only modern and fashionable, but also have a number of advantages:

  • They are cheaper than those with a pitched roof
  • A flat roof builds faster and can be turned into a space for different activities (garden, terrace, relaxation area)
  • Household installations (solar panels, air conditioning units, etc.) can be installed on a flat roof, instead of taking up space in the yard or on exterior walls
  • A flat roof is very easy to maintain and repair

The quality insulation materials are essential for optimal long-term operation of a flat roof.

A trendy alternative to the flat roof is the green roof.

The eco-friendly lifestyle, i.e. the nature-friendly lifestyle, tries to make as little contribution as possible to the impact on the environment. A consequence of this lifestyle is the increasing popularity of green roofs. The concept of green roofing is not new, on the contrary, but nowadays it is more in more present in projects of houses with modern architecture. Projects that include green roofs using state-of-the-art technologies are spreading fast.

What green roofs are appreciated for?

  • Protection of the existing roof – it is estimated a the green roof will last 2 times longer than a conventional roof, which leads to reduced maintenance costs
  • Reducing energy consumption – a green roof can reduce summer air cooling costs by 25%
  • Sound insulation – soil and plants help reduce noise, by absorbing low and high sound frequencies.
  • The particular aesthetics of a house with a green roof increases the value of the entire property, shortening the selling process.
  • Reducing the greenhouse effect, especially in big cities

Here are a couple of examples of modern buildings with very interesting green roofs:

University of California

It has a 2.5-acre roof top covered with fields and rolling hills also serving as an outdoor classroom. This special building was designed by Renzo Piano and was completed in 2008.

Mill Valley House

This is a residence in two separate dwellings, with a green roof, for a minimum of disturbance and energy consumption. The house was designed by McGlashan Architecure.