How to Determine the Recommended Time Frame to Replace Your Furnace Filters

There is a lot of confusion about when one should replace one’s furnace filters, and for good reason. The recommended time frame to change furnace filters is typically somewhere between 30 and 90 days on average. However, from the type of furnace you own and the heating source it uses, to the make and model of the filters you normally buy, there are lots of factors that will determine when you should have your filters replaced and why.

Also, there may be malfunctions with the system, or the way that heat is distributed throughout your home could even lead to overuse and the need to replace filters more frequently than normal.

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How You Can Know If Your Filters Need Replacing

According to heating service Denver experts, the best approach when trying to determine when to have your filters replaced is to perform regular check-ups and see how quickly your filters get dirty. If you or someone in your family has an allergy, then you might need to have all the HVAC filters replaced within a month or so, even if they’re not that dirty. However, in most other cases, the following guidelines should suffice:

  1. Check to see if the filter is damaged or dirty. Because of its construction, you’ll find that cleaning it is not a good option, and you will need to have it replaced as soon as possible to maintain good air quality throughout your home.
  2. Make sure you also check for moisture and mold. If it’s present, you will have to replace your filters sooner than usual.
  3. When determining when to check for problems, check for bad odors coming from your vents and HVAC system, and make sure enough hot air gets to where it needs to go. If your thermostat is set high but heat fails to get to its destination properly, then there’s a slight chance that you have a problem with your However, most often than not, the real problem is just a clogged air filter.
  4. The general guidelines on furnace filters is that they have to be replaced once every three months. This is true for smaller, 2-inch filters, but even then it’s just a generous estimate on the period. You should typically check to see if the filter needs to be replaced after 30-60 days of use, especially if your heating system has been running a lot in that time.
  5. If you own larger, 4 or 5-inch filters, the same is true for the generally accepted guideline of having them changed once every 6 to 12 months. Check much sooner, and make sure you have your furnace inspected regularly to identify any issues that could require your filters to be replaced much sooner.

Types of Filters and Their Quality Level

Not all filters need to be replaced after the recommended amount of time, as some are much more durable and can also be washed. This is true of electrostatic filters which use self-charging fibers that can attract particles from the air. Polyester and high end pleated filters are also known to remove many of the smaller particles that could cause a drop in air quality, and are both longer-lasting than cheaper, fiberglass filters which will be almost unusable after just a couple of months.

If you want to make sure that your filters last longer so you don’t have to replace them as often, choose pleated or electrostatic filters offered by reliable manufacturers. These might be more expensive, but they won’t cause you as many problems as the less costly ones will over time.

Taking a Look at Some of the Main Advantages of Metal Roofing

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Are you looking to have a new roof installed? While you might be thinking about a basic asphalt shingle roof, or something expensive like natural slate, it’s worth giving metal roofing a look too. Metal roofs are typically much cheaper when compared to slate and concrete, but they are not only almost just as resilient, but can also have many other benefits to offer as well.

Why Metal Roofing Might Be Better Than You Think

  1. Metal is highly resilient. Whether you choose a cheaper steel roof, a metal panel roof for commercial purposes, or a high end copper roof, you’ll find your metal roof can easily last for decades with very little required maintenance. Minimal care is typically required only, and a sturdy metal roof can be known to last for up to 50-75 years, depending on the specific material and workmanship.
  2. Since metal is a good conductor of electricity, some metal constructions can be made to act as a Faraday cage protecting your home from lightning. While other roofs might catch on fire, metal roofs can safely channel electricity to the ground without ever letting it touch your home.
  3. One of the main advantages of a metal roof is its remarkable versatility when it comes to the elements that it can protect your house from. Fireproof and able to protect you from storms, hail and snow, a well-designed metal roof can also act as a cool roof during the summer and reflect much of the harmful UV radiation that would threaten to overheat your home. Because of this fact, metal roofing systems are also known to be quite energy-efficient and able to reduce the load on your HVAC system to help you save a lot of money on heating and AC.
  4. Wind and hail damage are among the most problematic forms of damage that most roofs have to deal with. A sturdy steel roof can protect you from having to spend hundreds of dollars (or more) each year to fix dents, damaged flashing, as well as missing or cracked shingles. Experienced roof repair Gaithersburg contractors substantiate that steel is highly resilient, and the amount of money you can save over time by avoiding hefty repairs after powerful hail storms can be substantial.
  5. Aesthetics are also important when you get a new roof, and one of the greatest advantages of a metal roof is its exceptional diversity when it comes to the aesthetic textures and patterns it can mimic. With a reliable contractor at your disposal, you can have your metal roof imitate even the most intricate wood or slate patterns almost perfectly.

Should You Choose a Metal Roof?

Whether you live in an overly cold or overly warm area, metal roofing can help you a lot. With just a small investment, you can have a brand new, highly advanced metal roof installed in the place of your old one, and you’ll be free from spending a lot of money on roofing for many years to come.

With a new metal roof, you can avoid expensive storm damage repair, and it’s very likely that you won’t have to call a Gaithersburg roofer to have your roof replaced again for a very long time.

Rules to Know If You Need Roof Replacement Instead of Repair

Some types of roof damage can be fixed through repair, while others can only be solved with replacement. Whatever the type of your roof, the replacement of the old structure will surely be more expensive than a patch-up and replacement is also more complicated than repairs, so knowing the rules to follow is essential for any successful roof replacement. Here are some things that you need to take into consideration.

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The Importance of Working with the Right Roofer

While smaller roof repairs can be successfully accomplished by DIY roofers, roof replacement should never be attempted by anyone who lacks the necessary licenses and other credentials. Roof replacement is a complex process that requires know-how to accomplish correctly – it involves lots of steps, from selecting the right materials to taking the materials up on the roof and installing them. The process should always be performed by qualified roofers in Austin not only because amateurs lack the professional knowledge, but also because roof work can be dangerous for anyone who is not familiar with moving around at heights as well as because only installation performed by a legally operating roofing business can ensure the validity of the warranty certificate that accompany the materials used on your roof.

The process of finding the right Austin roofer can start with a quick online search to identify the suitable roofers in your area. The next step should be to check the experience and the reputation of the businesses behind the roofing websites, then you should contact the roofers on your list to discuss your project and to request cost estimates. Collect three or four estimates to be able to evaluate the offers in terms of material quality, labor rates, warranties and price, then pick your roofer and include all the details of your agreement into a contract.

Choose the Right Materials

Experienced roofers will help you pick the roofing material that suits your climate zone, your budget as well as the local features that your roof needs to fit in with. However, it is a good idea to carry out a little research of your own to be able to make an informed decision when you pick your materials. The aspects you should have in mind include material durability, aesthetic appeal, maintenance needs, resistance to specific climate-related challenges, energy-efficiency and pricing.

Find Out about Permits

Not all roofing situations require you to obtain a permit and the permitting requirements are different from one state to the other. To ensure that your roof is in compliance with all local regulations, find out what those requirements are and figure out the best way to meet those requirements.

Protect Your Investment

The best way to ensure that your roof will provide the long-lasting performance that you expect is to fulfill your roof maintenance duties. You will need to clean and to inspect your roof twice a year, once in spring and again in fall, to check for any faults that need repair and to ensure proper roof performance during the two seasons that are the hardest on building envelopes: summer and winter.

How do I Start Finding a Good Commercial Roofer?

When you turn to the services of a roofing company for your commercial roof, you must first make sure that it has experience in commercial roofing. Commercial buildings are generally designed with flat roofs, and such a system has its particularities, including in terms of cover materials that are different from the shingles we are so familiar with from residential buildings. Naturally, installation and maintenance requirements will be different from those of residential roofs, and a commercial roofer is prepared to address all aspects related to commercial roofs.

Make sure that the company you hire for your commercial roofing project is licensed and certified, so that the contract you sign is valid and really protects your best interest.

The services of a professional team are also highlighted by the equipment used. Roofers must have adequate equipment and use quality materials, and the works must be carried out only according to the manufacturers’ specifications, without unnecessary modifications, to ensure the validity of the warranty.

Professional roofers will be your best advisors; they will be your best source for tips – both in terms of choosing a roof cover and maintaining the roof in order to prolong its lifespan as much as possible. A professional roofer will also give you information on the energy efficiency of various roofing solutions, as well as options in terms of natural light and other important factors that determine the type of commercial roofing system you need.

Last but not least, a licensed roofing company will offer you a warranty certificate and special clauses. With this warranty certificate, you are relieved of many worries and extra expenses.

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To find a professional commercial roofing team, you can use various online resources.

First of all, look for roofers in your area, because you should prioritize local roofers as it is easier to get in touch with them, verify their reputation and benefit from their services exactly when you need them.

Most Boca Raton roofing companies nowadays have websites and/ or social media pages that you should visit and read the available information. Additionally, look for discussion forums on roofing topics, as you might find useful recommendations. Once you’ve made a list of a few roofing companies, keep evaluating them. Search their name on the BBB`s website and then contact them and schedule a meeting with their representatives. During the meeting, ask for proof that the company is licensed and certified. Every reliable contractor will be more than happy to hand you copies of their credentials, because they take pride in these details. Also ask for some references (previous clients) that you can contact to get some insight on their experience with the roofing company.

The most important thing when choosing a commercial roofer is to be informed. Nowadays, you can find a lot of information on different websites. But you must know how to differentiate between correct information, prices, real offers and those that seem too good to be true; you should also move on from roofers that avoid giving you straight answers or insistently try to sell you certain products and/ or services.

Tips for Buying the Best Windows for Colorado

Having new Castle Rock windows installed on your Colorado home feels great – new windows are shiny, the frames are attractive, the opening and closing goes smoothly and there is no draftiness in your rooms anymore. However, the process of getting there is dreaded by many homeowners and not only because of the investment required, but also because of the many decisions that need to be made. One of the most important and most stressful of these decisions is picking the best windows – here are some things to know and to consider to make the choice easier.

The Glass

Colorado is known for its hot summers and cold winters, both being extremes that require well-insulating windows. To make sure that the summer heat will not transform your home into a suffocating sauna and that the winter cold will not lend any of its chill to your building interior, buy the highest-rated, multi-pane windows that you can get. The best solution is triple-pane windows that use inert gas between the panes to provide even more protection from wide exterior temperature variations, but double-pane windows with panes separated with air are also better than single glazing.

Today you can also choose tinted panes for more protection from the sun’s rays and enhanced energy-efficiency.

The Frame

Castle Rock windows come in many styles and the choice of materials is also wide. The frames made from solid wood are the most expensive and the most attractive, but not necessarily the most durable (they are sensitive to developing rot, so they are not recommended for humid areas); aluminum and wood-clad aluminum are suitable for any geographical area, but they are not the best in terms of thermal insulation, while vinyl and fiberglass are among the most affordable and most durable materials and are available in colors and textures that replicate natural wood.

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Maintenance Needs

Castle Rock windows solutions vary in terms of their maintenance needs as well. Wood frames are the most maintenance-intensive of them all, requiring regular inspections, cleaning, repair and the application of special coatings to protect the material from the harmful effects of solar radiations, rodent and insect attacks, moisture and the shrinking and expansions caused by temperature fluctuations. Vinyl and fiberglass frames are at the other end of the range – there is not much that can damage these materials, so all they need is thorough cleaning every once in a while.

The Style

The appearance of your building is largely determined by the windows on it. A classic building, for example, would look horrible with plain white vinyl windows, so the best windows in this case would be either solid wood windows or synthetic frames that replicate the appearance of wood. To be sure that the style of your window frames works with your building style, evaluate the available products and pick the shade and the texture that is the most suitable. The color of your windowpanes is also important – choosing a grey or brown tint can make an incredible difference in terms of the overall appearance of your building.

Things to Look for Before You Start Remodeling Your Basement

Remodeling a basement, especially one that has been used as storage space for clutter, takes more than just putting up a fresh coat of paint and some wall art. In most homes, preparing the space for the final touch takes more time and energy than creating the design and buying the furniture and the appliances to install. After consulting with basement finishing Southlands contractors, here are some of the things and issues that you need to check and to address before you choose your wall color, your furniture and your decoration.

Building Permits

Whether or not you need to obtain building permits for your basement remodeling project depends on the complexity of the project and the type of the renovation work involved. The applicable building regulations are different for each state, so it is a good idea to check them before you start any work on your basement.

Give Your Space Some Time

Basements being located under ground level, they tend to be damper. Prolonged exposure to moisture takes its toll on the flooring and the walls in most basements, so the first thing to do after all the items stored in the basement have been removed is to check the walls and the floor for any sign of dampness, mold, mildew or other types of moisture damage and to address the issue. Removing the damaged parts is usually the best solution, but the walls and the floor of your basement need to be completely dry all over, so you will probably need to ensure proper ventilation and to wait until the moisture content in the components of the space reaches acceptable levels.

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Pay Special Attention to the Electrical System and the Plumbing

The safety of the electrical system in your basement is of special importance – wiring that is not suitable is dangerous in any space in the house, but the moist environment of basements requires special attention. Unless you are a certified electrician, you should leave the job of checking and installing electric wiring and outlets to a professional – they will know what materials are safe to use and how to install them properly.

Paying attention to the plumbing system is also essential. Even if the scope for which you will use the basement does not require plumbing fixtures, the water pipes and ducts from your house probably run through your basement, so you need to integrate those components safely into your basement design.

Insulation is Essential

The key to good air quality and stable temperature in your basement is insulation of the right thickness, type and quality. Basement floors usually need an insulation system that consists of multiple layers and your basement walls should also be insulated to prevent the penetration of moisture and energy exchange.

Pick the Right Materials

Not all building materials that are common above ground level are safe and suitable for being used in your basement. Drywall, natural materials, such as wood and cork are not suitable for spaces that are increasingly prone to dampness, so pick synthetic materials, such as vinyl, wherever possible.

How to Avoid Expensive Furnace Repair

Avoid Expensive Furnace Repair

The climate, the age, the amount of usage can all take a heavy toll on your furnace and the break downs are usually not only very expensive to fix, but they also come when you need your furnace the most. Fortunately, there are many easy maintenance operations, even smaller repairs that homeowners can safely accomplish on their own – here are some tips to avoid costly, unexpected and uncomfortable furnace faults.

Schedule a Professional Inspection

Hiring a professional to inspect and clean your furnace in spring and in fall is the best way to get the peace of mind that your furnace will serve you well the year around. Furnace inspection services are quite affordable and quick – your technician will clean the system, he will inspect all its components to find any issue that needs to be addressed and will discuss the next steps with you.

Regular Filter Changes

Furnaces use multiple filters to ensure proper operation as well as the quality of the air in your rooms. Some filters are disposable and need to be replaced, others are cleanable – you will find all the information that you need in the user manual that your furnace comes with.

Maintain the Outdoor Unit and the Area Around It

If you use a complex HVAC system for heating as well as for cooling, your appliance probably uses components located indoor as well as outdoor. While most owners are aware of the importance of maintaining the indoor units, they neglect the outdoor component of their appliance – a mistake that can lead to costly breakdowns. To prevent such damage, make sure that the outdoor unit as well as the area around the unit are kept free of debris and dirt. Trim the vegetation around the unit to prevent dry leaves, twigs and other such debris from interfering with airflow and also make sure that the ground under and around the outdoor unit is level.

Pay Attention to Any Dripping

The process of air heating and cooling involves condensation and any furnace uses condensate lines to ensure the efficiency of the process by collecting moisture. Any clogging that develops inside the lines can cause severe damage to the equipment, so make sure to check the lines regularly and remove any clogging that you find.

Don’t Neglect Warning Signs

Neglecting the clues provided by your furnace can prove to be a costly mistake – if you notice any of the following signs, call a furnace technician as soon as you can, even if your furnace is still working:

  • The furnace cycles constantly – the fault is probably caused by a damaged thermostat;
  • Heat is not distributed evenly throughout your home – if some of your rooms are no longer heated as efficiently as they used to, you need a professional to look at your unit;
  • Unusual sounds – crackling and rattling coming from your furnace also indicates that something wrong with your unit and the issue needs to be checked out by a professional;
  • Unusual smells – if your furnace starts emanating a foul, burning smell, you should be alarmed and call a furnace repair Denver expert without delay.

What are the Longest Lasting Types of Roofing Materials?

Roofing materials differ in terms of resistance to various weather conditions, installation costs, thermal and sound insulation etc. There is the opinion that the type of roof cover is a determining factor in calculating the resistance structure, which is partly true, because there are other factors that have a large influence too, such as the static load (the snow layer) and the dynamic load (the wind) that acts on the roof.

Here are some of the longest lasting roofing materials, with pros and cons.

Metal shingles

They have a very long lifespan that can reach up to 50 years. Metal does not allow vegetation formation on the surface of the roof, it doesn`t absorb water and is lightweight. Metal shingles come in a wide range of shapes and colors and can be installed in a relative short time. On the other hand, they do not provide the best insulation and are also prone to discoloration over time. It is not recommended to install a metallic roof on a house situated on the sea shore, where the atmosphere contains salt water vapors.

Ceramic tiles

They provide better protection against cold / heat than metallic shingles, but also better sound protection. However, ceramic tiles may develop moss on their surface and absorb water if the roof slope is not appropriate. Ceramic tiles are manufactured in a variety of shapes and colors.

Corrugated fibrocement sheets

This roofing material is not flammable and has high resistance to corrosion, rot and pests. Fibrocement is a good thermal and sound insulator, it can mimic wood shingles or planks and can be painted. On the other hand, a corrugated fibrocement roof is often more costly because it requires more installation labor and it is also more susceptible to breakage, in the right circumstances.

Bituminous shingles

They are suitable for any type of roof and are easy to install, regardless of the complexity of the roof, with low installation costs. Instead, they are easily flammable and require some special measures to address this problem.


A slate roof is a natural stone product, with a unique and distinctive appearance. Slate is completely fireproof, as well as extremely durable and reliable (it can last for over a century!). The downside is that this roofing material is expensive and also very heavy (its installation may require some structural reinforcements).

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How external factors influence the life of the roof

Weather conditions are a factor to consider when installing a roof and choosing the materials, because they affect its durability. Here are a few details given to us by roofing Centennial pros for you need to keep in mind:

  • the amount of rainfall – if you live in an area with a greater amount of precipitation, it is good to choose a sloped roof and opt for materials such as metal, that do not favor water absorption.
  • wind – a roof must have stability in the case of strong winds. Specialists recommend using ceramic or concrete tiles, as they are heavier and provide increased resistance
  • high temperatures – Fiber cement boards and bituminous shingles are resistant to extreme temperatures and strong UV radiation.

What Are The Most Hail Resistant Types Of Shingles?

While there is no such things as a completely hail-proof roof, certain types of shingles are certainly more resistant to impact than others. Extremely large hail stones can damage anything, they can even pass through roofs, damaging not only the roof surface, but the deeper layers, such as the roof decking as well, but the higher the impact-resistance rating awarded to a specific variety of shingles, the stronger the material can stand in front of severe hail storms. If you are looking for shingles to install on your roof in a hail-prone area, here are a few details about the testing process and about the resistance offered by the different types of shingles available today.

The Testing Methods Used for Assessing Resistance Levels

Roofers in Lincoln tell us that all shingle products available on the market come with a document that contains the product specifications. The details you can find in the document include not only product weight and size, color, material type, composition and the number of layers that make up the shingles, but also various rating, including the product’s impact-resistance class. Currently, shingles are classified into four resistance categories, Class 1 being the lowest and Class 4 the highest, the ratings being given based on impact testing.

Shingles rated Class 1 have passed tests that involved dropping 1-1/4” steel balls from a height of 12 feet onto their surface – only products that survive the impact two times without any surface deterioration can pass. The products rated Class 2 are tested using the same method and are expected to deliver the same performance, but the steel balls dropped are 1-1/2” large and they are also dropped from higher up, the height used for the testing being 15 feet. Class 3 shingles undergo testing with even larger, 1-3/4” balls dropped from 17 feet, while Class 4 shingles need to be able to withstand the impact caused by steel balls that are 2” large or larger, dropped from the height of 20 feet. While the shingles included in Classes 1-3 are inspected only with the naked eye, Class 4 shingles undergo inspection through a magnifying lens to make sure that they can withstand the impact without sustaining any damage.

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Other Aspects to Bear in Mind When Picking Your Shingles

Shingles roofs are most commonly associated with roofs that use asphalt shingles, but you must be aware that shingles today are available in many different varieties, including plastic, resin and metal alloys, such as alloys based on aluminum or copper. As all shingles included into an impact-resistance class offer the same level of resistance to impact, when you choose the products for your new roof, you will need to take into consideration other aspects as well:

  • Costs – asphalt shingles are the cheapest option, followed by plastic, while metal is always a more expensive solution;
  • Thermal performance – shingles also come with an R-rating, the measurement of their capacity to reflect heat. The higher the rating, the more efficient the product in terms of maintaining temperatures in the building;
  • Appearance – most shingle types come in a wide array of styles and colors, so take your time to find the best fit for your building.

Where Should You Go Shopping for the Most Practical Electrical Supplies?

Tips On Where To Shop For Electrical Supplies

Depending on what you’re looking for, there are a number of ways to shop for the best electrical supplies that can be shipped to or made available in your area. Electrical supplies can be found by electricians in Denver and surrounding areas, at a variety of local hardware stores and specialty stores, but they can also be found online at various online shops and auction sites that sell new and used items.


While you might have to do your homework quite thoroughly for certain items, you’ll find that the best electrical supplies might literally be just around the corner, and you won’t have to put in too much effort in order to find them.


Online Supplies vs. Visiting Your Local Shopping


So, you just made a list of the items you need, and you’re thinking of buying them as soon as possible. While some of them might be available at your local hardware store, most are probably not. As a result, it’s important to consider what you can buy online as well.


In some cases, local stores can come in handy, since they can provide you with supplies at short notice. If you need to change some wiring and outlets in your home, then this is probably the best course of action, especially if you need them ASAP. However, if you own a smart home, or you’re looking for highly specific supplies, then ordering them might be your best choice by far.


The advantage of looking online is that you have the resources of the entire nation at your disposal, and not just the resources of the town you live in. Most online stores are also owned by high profile companies that specialize in providing standard and customized electrical supplies. So you have a far better chance at finding what you need if you simply contact them.


Finally, various auction sites might also hold older pieces that you’d need for fixing various old appliances that you don’t want to part from just yet. An older washer or TV set might have more of a sentimental value, and you might want to keep it going longer. These websites can often provide you with the parts you need in order to do so.


Selecting the Best Store


To select the best store, you have to know what you need first. After making your list, it’s important to do your research and not only locate the items, but make sure the store that sells them is reputable and dependable enough for you to shop there.


Of course, if an item is very rare, you might have little or no choice, but in most instances, this isn’t the case. So make sure you check the store’s license and BBB rating, as well as their online reviews. Based on that information, you can easily choose the best online or local store to buy your supplies from.


In most cases, it will be a combination of the two that will provide you with the results you need. Buying the most urgently needed items from a local store and ordering the rest online should help you get everything set up just right for your project.