Benefits of Having Motorized Skylights

There are many benefits to having motorized skylights. One of them is enjoying internally mounted rain sensors that close once rain is detected. These rain sensors can be installed to react to sound elements and even measure changes in temperature or pressure.

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Easily Adjustable

Motorized skylights are easily adjustable by means of remote controls. They can also open and close automatically in accordance with a preset schedule. The timers can be set and controlled with phone apps and are easy to operate. Moreover, motorized skylights can last up to ten years. Nevertheless, despite their longevity, batteries still have to be replaced periodically to keep the electric motors functioning as well as possible.

Multiple Power Sources

Electric skylights can even be connected to a solar panel that captures sun rays meant to charge the battery which powers the skylight’s control system and operator. At night, the system is operated with the use of the stored charge.

The flexible solar or battery-powered options are easy to control due to hand-sized remotes. Moreover, there are no dangling cords that can be deemed unsafe for those that are physically disabled or have small children in the house.

The typical motorized shades are featured with a USB cord, a lithium battery pack (AA batteries) and a rechargeable motor. The batteries have to be recharged every five months and replaced every three years. The replacement is made available through motorized blinds Denver specialists and home technology professionals.

Aesthetic Value

The cost of installing skylight blinds is up to 1500 dollars. However, their aesthetic design and functionality can significantly add to the décor of any home. Skylight blinds come in many appealing forms exhibiting beautiful patterns and eye-catching colors. Therefore, the end result can add significant value to the property.

Their elegant design is a popular choice among both young and older customers, which is why the default color –white –comes in many shades so as not to clash with either the modern or antique look of the house. In addition, customers can order samples from motorized blinds Denver companies before making any purchase. This way, they can choose the right design and color before they even buy anything.

Affordable Luxury

As an affordable luxury, skylights infuse natural light into the living space. They can also have improved insulation and an operational boost. Most of them even feature filtered-light privacy and can block glare on command.

Finally, skylight blinds are ideal for hard-to-reach windows. They are not heavy and come with measuring guides for installation. However, expert installation is preferred to amateur do-it-yourself kits.


To sum up, additional sensors can be installed to react to sound elements and changes in weather. The longevity of batteries is doubled by the connection to a solar panel meant to capture sun rays and convert them into a power source. Home technology professionals can drive up the cost of installing skylight blinds, but long-term results can be very satisfying.

All in all, their enhanced accessibility, low maintenance, sunlight protection and multiple power sources render skylights impressively useful. In addition, their flexible fabric styles and innovation in home design make the investment truly worthwhile.



Why Gas Fire Pits Make Your Yard More Friendly

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The decision to install a fire pit in your backyard is an excellent idea that will instantly upgrade your space and that will make your entire property a much friendlier space. If you want to take your outdoor design one step further by adding comfortable usage and affordability to the equation, you should consider getting one of the superb fire pits that runs on gas and that are readily available in specialized stores around you. Here are the benefits of gas fire pits Denver homeowners should know about.

A Superb Mood Enhancer

One of the benefits of gas fire pits is the wonderful atmosphere that they add to the patio, the backyard or wherever they are installed. Turning on your fire pits will invite everyone to sit around the flames and will create a unique atmosphere of coziness and cheerfulness. Gas fire pits are excellent for transforming your outdoor space into a romantic area where you can enjoy a wonderful dinner with your loved one.

A Safe Addition

According to a great fireplace Denver store near me, gas fire pits are also very safe to operate. These appliances use nozzles and most of them come with components that allow the user to control the intensity of the fire. If your space will be used to welcome kids as well, you can choose a product that comes with advanced safety features integrated into the design to prevent kids from reaching into the flames or from performing activities that are not safe around the pit.

Lighting your fire pit can also enhance the overall safety of your entire yard by adding a source of light and making it easier and safer for everyone attending your parties to navigate the yard.

Extending The Living Space in Your Home

If you choose the right piece of equipment, your gas burning fire pit will be an excellent property and landscape component that extends your living space by creating a space that takes the design of your building interior to the next level and welcomes your friends and guests with the same stylish coziness that they appreciate so much in your rooms.

Extending The Time Spent Outside

An attractive gas fire pit will serve as the focal point of your landscape and will invite everyone to spend more time outside. Your gas fire pit will also extend the period of time that you can spend outside. The light of the flames will create the perfect atmosphere for conversations and entertainment that stretches into the night and the warmth of the flames will make your backyard comfortable place not only during the summer, but when the weather is cooler, in spring, in fall and, why not, in winter, too.

Extending The Functionality of Your Home

Many fire pits today do more than just add a little atmosphere and a couple of degrees to the air. Many modern appliances also double as cooking appliances. You should probably not expect your gas fire pit to work as a full-fledged grill, but you can occasionally prepare some grilled marshmallows with the help of some long sticks.


Things to Look for Before You Start Remodeling Your Basement

Remodeling a basement, especially one that has been used as storage space for clutter, takes more than just putting up a fresh coat of paint and some wall art. In most homes, preparing the space for the final touch takes more time and energy than creating the design and buying the furniture and the appliances to install. After consulting with basement finishing Southlands contractors, here are some of the things and issues that you need to check and to address before you choose your wall color, your furniture and your decoration.

Building Permits

Whether or not you need to obtain building permits for your basement remodeling project depends on the complexity of the project and the type of the renovation work involved. The applicable building regulations are different for each state, so it is a good idea to check them before you start any work on your basement.

Give Your Space Some Time

Basements being located under ground level, they tend to be damper. Prolonged exposure to moisture takes its toll on the flooring and the walls in most basements, so the first thing to do after all the items stored in the basement have been removed is to check the walls and the floor for any sign of dampness, mold, mildew or other types of moisture damage and to address the issue. Removing the damaged parts is usually the best solution, but the walls and the floor of your basement need to be completely dry all over, so you will probably need to ensure proper ventilation and to wait until the moisture content in the components of the space reaches acceptable levels.

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Pay Special Attention to the Electrical System and the Plumbing

The safety of the electrical system in your basement is of special importance – wiring that is not suitable is dangerous in any space in the house, but the moist environment of basements requires special attention. Unless you are a certified electrician, you should leave the job of checking and installing electric wiring and outlets to a professional – they will know what materials are safe to use and how to install them properly.

Paying attention to the plumbing system is also essential. Even if the scope for which you will use the basement does not require plumbing fixtures, the water pipes and ducts from your house probably run through your basement, so you need to integrate those components safely into your basement design.

Insulation is Essential

The key to good air quality and stable temperature in your basement is insulation of the right thickness, type and quality. Basement floors usually need an insulation system that consists of multiple layers and your basement walls should also be insulated to prevent the penetration of moisture and energy exchange.

Pick the Right Materials

Not all building materials that are common above ground level are safe and suitable for being used in your basement. Drywall, natural materials, such as wood and cork are not suitable for spaces that are increasingly prone to dampness, so pick synthetic materials, such as vinyl, wherever possible.

Do I Need A Design for A Bathroom Remodel?

Any bathroom remodeling project, even the smallest, simplest one is complex and like any complex project, bathroom remodels also require careful and detailed planning. The best way to make sure that the remodeling project gets completed on time and that the results meet your expectations is to start with the creation of the design – whether you do it on paper or you use a digital design tool, knowing what you want exactly is an essential component of success. Here is how a detailed design can help you achieve your goals and some of the most important aspects to pay attention to.

Planning the Layout

Bathroom remodeling projects are not only about colors and tile shapes – they are also about the best placement of water lines, vents and plumbing drains. A great bathroom is not only attractive, but operational as well, so you should start the creation of your new design with locating the old plumbing components, then you should make up your mind about the components that need to be replaced.

While planning your bathroom layout, pay attention to the electric wires that run in your walls as well – the lighting fixtures, the sockets, the capacity of your electric system are very important for having an operational and safe bathroom.

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Designing the Wash Basin and the Tub or Shower

To be able to use your bathroom comfortably, you need a wash basin and a tub or shower cabin of the right size. You will need very accurate measurements to be able to make the most of your space – repeat the measurements several times to ensure accuracy and correlate your design to your possibilities in terms of plumbing line direction. Design experts found at bathroom showrooms Denver retailers can help help give you an idea of design options.

The tub or shower and the basin are two of the focal points in any bathroom, so using a design for your remodeling project is a safe way to find out if your creative tub or shower ideas work in the space, too.

Play with Colors and Textures on Paper to Avoid Costly Mistakes

You might love bright colors, but they are not suitable for any bathroom. Creating a bathroom design before spending the first dollar on the project is essential for getting the project right – investing into tiles that fail to give you the right results is annoying, but also a mistake that is easy to avoid.

Include the Lighting Fixtures into Your Design, too

The design of lighting used in your bathroom will determine not only how well you will see while in there (a very important aspect, especially if the bathroom mirror will be used for putting on make-up), but also how attractive your bathroom will be. As a general rule, you should use a central fixture on the ceiling and combine it with accent lights around the mirrors. Pendant lights and chandeliers are among the most popular options for ceiling-mounted fixtures, while spotlights are the best for adding more light in a stylish way.

Designing the Furniture

Your bathroom will need cabinets, shelves and other furnishing items as well and the best way to figure out the furniture size and the style that works best in your space is by creating the design and choosing the items only afterwards.