Carpet Manufacturers

The Advantages of Carpet Tiles and How to Buy Them from Carpet Squares Manufacturers and Other Types of Vendors

Carpet squares are great, modern floor covering solutions that will give you not only a carpet of the size and the quality that you need, but will also allow you to create and execute your own design without being required to know anything about carpet laying.


Carpet squares manufacturers have long understood the importance of providing

modular, DIY carpeting solutions suitable for irregularly shaped or sized spaces and that’s how they have come up with the idea of making smaller squares from carpet material that you can combine to achieve the size and the design that you need.


The Benefits of Carpet Squares

Wholesale Carpet squares are excellent, practical solutions for any floor space – here is why:


  • Fitting carpet squares does not require any previous experience or professional knowledge, all you need to do is to measure the room you need the carpet for, buy the right number of squares to cover that space, then get a cutter and lay the squares. Carpet squares are either glued to the floor or they come fitted with a peel-and-stick backing, both versions very easy and very quick to fit,


  • Carpet squares are suitable for irregular-shaped rooms and any size can be achieved,


  • Easy replacement – spills and carpet damage happens all the time, but while in the case of large, contiguous carpets, a stain that cannot be removed would ruin the entire carpet, with a surface made using carpet tiles you can easily replace the square that has been damaged,


  • Infinite combinations and patterns – carpet squares can be combined any way you want, the limit is only your imagination. Carpet tiles are available in various thickness, styles and colors, so you can create your own design easily, what’s more you can decide to replace one of two squares to create a new design any time you want, even after the first lay-out as been fitted,


  • Affordability – one of the most important benefit that makes many people choose carpet squares over contiguous carpets or ready-made wall-to-wall varieties.


Where and How to Buy Carpet Squares

Carpet squares are nowadays available not only from traditional, brick-and-mortar carpet and furniture stores, but from online vendors and directly from carpet squares manufacturers as well, through the manufacturer’s website. Numerous online vendors offer free sample squares, so if you are not sure about the thickness or the quality of the tiles that work best for you, you can grab the opportunity and order a few of these free samples before you order a larger quantity.


Vendors frequently announce sales programs and promotions, so it is a good idea to browse their websites – you can easily come across the squares that you need for a discounted price from one of the vendors or you can benefit from various other valuable offers such as free delivery for purchases of or over a certain value. Before you order, make sure you check not only the price, the quality and the extras, but also the warranty offered by the manufacturer and the accessories you need for the installation, such as the recommended type of glue.